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Acne Pustule Treatment

Having dirty pores or over consumption of chocolates do not really cause the growth of acne in our body. The root of all is the overproduction of sebum or skin oil by the sebaceous glands. It is the hormones in your body which starts the acne to become manifest. This usually happens during the stage of puberty at ages 12-24. However, many individuals do not limit themselves up to puberty for some may suffer acne lesions in their entire lives. The presence of acne can be a nuisance for it can grown on the back, face, neck and even in the shoulders. Although it is not life threatening, scarring and other skin conditions left by acne can have certain effects such as emotional distress to patience.
A typical acne lesion is the pustule. Some inflamed skin conditions may include a pus-filled lesion, boils/swellings, or red bumps. These lesions may be taken out for good but permanent scars may remain over the period of time.

Pustules resemble that of a vesicle or bulla. The difference is in the latter condition, what is present in the lesion is a clear liquid while in pustules, it is filled with pus. Both skin conditions manifest at the different layers of the epidermis. However, the pus is concentrated in the dermis area and the lesion penetrates deep into the tissues called the carbuncle.

Pustules that are located in the centered area of the erythema are called solitary pustules. A dissection of the pustule will reveal secretions of Gram stain of the pustule contents would reveal Staphylococcus aureus, etiologic agents and polymorphonuclear leukocytes.

Pustular psoriasis on the other hand is characterized by several tiny pustules that are present beneath the erythematous. The pus of pustular psoriasis may an absence of bacteria but a presence of polymorphonuclear leukocytes.

Some of the deep-seated pustules occur in the bearded area of the face. It is often associated with crusting and hair loss. Most patients suffering from this type of pustule often refrain from shaving because of its painful or exudative nature.


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Acne Pustule Treatments

Pustular treatments may have a list of a number of topical and oral medications. Combinations of certain treatments may be taken with the prescription of dermatologists and health professionals.

Available topical medications, both over-the-counter (OTC) and by prescription, include retinoids (Adapalene or Retinoic Acid), antibiotics (Clindamycin, Erythromycin), Clindamycin and Benzoyl Peroxide, and Azelaic Acid.

For severe and resistant pustules, surgery may be opted for certain patients. It is best to get an appointment with distinguished and expert surgeons that guarantee results.

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